Digital value creation

Our goal is to increase enterprise value through digital transformation

We work with advisory companies, private equity organizations, and their portfolio companies to identify, plan, and execute digital transformation initiatives which trigger revenue growth, improved margins and therefore increased valuation multiples at potential exits.

No two companies are the same. Successful digital transformation initiatives require a deep understanding of the company’s customers, employees, suppliers, culture, management and market environment. Our goal is to gain this understanding during the engagement and develop customized digital initiatives with high growth potential to increase enterprise value.

Due diligence

We perform digital due diligence on target companies to identify growth potential triggered by appropriate digital initiatives.


We review portfolio companies' current digital initiatives, make recommendations to improve them, and identify new initiatives based on their value creation potential.


We deliver a customized digital transformation roadmap that includes new digitized products, processes or business models and their requirements to support individual growth targets.


We support the validation of planned digital products, operations and business models with customers before significant investments are made.


Together with internal/external partners we execute the validated digital initiatives and contribute our expertise in the fields of AI, knowledge-based systems, digital twins, and software product development.


Due diligence on the seller side. Elaboration of the digital growth story including results achieved and future value creation potential.


Dr. Stefan Fenz and his team are enthusiastic about working with private equity organizations and their portfolio companies to identify, plan, and execute digital value creation projects (digital due diligence, review of current digital projects, digital transformation roadmap, validation, project execution). .

2009 Stefan co-founded the software company Xylem Technologies which provides clients with customized solutions supporting their digital transformation. Stefan is court-sworn expert for IT-security, obtained his doctorate from TU Wien in 2008 and was visiting scholar at Stanford University in 2010.

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